Many thanks for seeing me at short notice last Monday to resolve a very painful left shoulder .
Movement of my arm was very restrictive, driving , changing gear was almost impossible.

Following the treatment you administered and the suggested shoulder exercises I carried out,
I am today ,pain free !

So, can’t thank you enough , brilliant job , well done.

Would recommend your Physiotherapy clinic without hesitation.

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Saddleworth Physio convey a sense that they know what they’re talking about and what they’re doing. This applies equally to the physio sessions and advice provided, and also to the careful Covid precautions now in place. A competent and reassuring service.

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“I just wanted to say thank you to Stuart, Cath and the team at Saddleworth Physiotherapy. I was amongst the first to attend following their reopening post COVID lockdown and, whilst my treatment is ongoing, I have felt completely safe in their hands with their robust safety procedures and it is clear their continued high standards of professionalism have been maintained – it is the same friendly faces behind the masks!”

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“Just wanted to sat a big thank you to Stuart for my recent treatment and to let him know that I completed the Manchester Half-Marathon on Sunday, without pain, in 2 hours 17 Minutes. Really grateful for his help and advice. ”

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“I just want to thank the team at Saddleworth Physiotherapy Clinic for your support.

I have had chronic plantar fasciitis in both feet that has been going on for four years. My daily routine consisted of strong pain relief four times a day. Within that four years I have tried multiple insoles and I have spent thousands of pounds on different types of shoes. I had the injections three times but this proved to be unsuccessful and there was the suggestion about surgery.

A friend of mine informed me about shock wave treatment for plantar fasciitis. I did my own research as I believed that anything would be worth a try. I discovered that Saddlewoth Physiotherapy clinic did this so I telephoned and I got an appointment within days. I met Gareth who agreed to give shock wave treatment a try. After 3 treatments I have to say that my left foot has been cured and my right foot, which was worse, and this has taken 7 treatments in total. I am really pleased with the support and the results of this type of treatment and I would highly recommend it.”

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“As an England netball player, I have an intense training and playing schedule. Inevitably, I have picked up injuries on a number of occasions. These have included tendinitis in the knee, ruptured ankle ligaments and most recently shin splints. On each occasion I have been able to make a same day appointment with a physiotherapist, allowing treatment to commence immediately. The therapy I received on each occasion has been first rate and my recovery times have been much shorter than expected. I also play netball for Northern Thunder and Oldham Netball Club and several of my team mates have received an equally high standard of care. The physios are always anxious to prevent injuries occurring and recommend programmes of exercises to build up strength in weak areas of my body, and Stuart made recommendations about changes to my strength and conditioning programme. I can recommend Saddleworth Physiotherapy Clinic without hesitation to people with sports injuries.”

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“Whilst playing football I suffered an injury to my left knee which left me with tendonitis of the patellar tendon. My knee was really sore and I was unable to play football.

The team at Saddleworth Physiotherapy Clinic were very understanding of my injury and the length of time I had invested in the recovery process so far, they were very sympathetic and kind and made a real effort in not just solving my problem but helping me understand it, they even took the time to get to know me.

The team and Stuart decided that I would benefit from shockwave treatment to the patellar tendon, and after the three weeks I felt really good. The signs were promising, the shockwave treatment seemed to have kick started my recovery.

I spent 2 years deteriorating both physically and mentally, and in the last 5 months Stuart and the team at Saddleworth Physiotherapy Clinic have changed everything. I am now lifting weights and gradually progressing closer to a return to the football field. My tendon feels better than ever, my confidence is up and the support I have received from Stuart has been incredible.

I would more than happily recommend Saddleworth Physiotherapy Clinic and Stuart to anyone with a minor or major injury. They have turned my life around and given me the confidence and reassurance and support I desperately needed.

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“I have worked with Cath at Saddleworth Physiotherapy since 2004. They have proved to be excellent physiotherapists and provided a fantastic service for all my patients. They provide prompt and professional treatment and communicate regularly with me about patient progress. They are experts in shoulder rehabilitation and have a lot of experience and expertise in treating all the common shoulder problems. They keep up to date with the latest advances and regularly attend many of the educational meetings and conferences we run.”

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Lennard Funk, BSc MSc FRCS(Tr&Orth) FFSEM(UK) Shoulder Surgeon, Wrightington Hospital
Honorary Professor, Salford University

I was so glad I went to see the Saddleworth Physiotherapy Clinic about the problems I was having following a serious shoulder injury. They quickly diagnosed it as needing surgery. They organised the surgery, even attended the operation and discussed the rehabilitation programme I required directly with the surgeon.

I am very thankful to Cath for being so proactive in helping ensure that I get good use back of my shoulder.

Thank you very much.

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Duncan Arthurs

I have used this clinic many times in the past and once again I am very satisfied with the treatment I have received this time. Roisin was extremely helpful and professional in her approach. It’s also really useful to have evening appointments e.g. 6.30pm for people who work and I have always been able to secure an evening appointment when requested.

I have attended this clinic on a number of occasions over the last few years and have been more than happy with the treatment and explanation of my problems. I have seen Gareth Taylor recently too and all staff work to an equally high standard.

I’ve seen many physiotherapists over the last five years. Not one of them comes close to the high level of skill and the service that the team at Saddleworth has provided throughout my treatment. I recommend him very highly and do soon a daily basis to my own clients.

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Ben Bamforth, Personal Trainer

Having had a protracted period of back and hip pain and a number of opinions and investigations but no relief, my recovery started in earnest when I came to see staff at the Saddleworth practice. I was unable to pursue any of my normal leisure activities and was having difficulty sitting, sleeping and exercising. I was starting to feel depressed and wondered if I’d get my normally very active life back. At the Saddleworth practice, I felt listened to and cared for; assessment was thorough and holistic and the treatment plan was gentle but firm with a balance between ‘hands on therapy’ and exercises to undertake at home. Finally I was directed to regular pilates classes to maintain my recovery….last week I climbed Snowden and signed up for a 100k bike ride.

Thanks for helping me get my life back!

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I attended for an appointment with Mr Cole a few weeks ago for knee pain that had been ongoing for some time. I just wanted to say thank you to Mr Cole and the team for getting me in so quickly.

The shockwave treatment and the exercises worked amazingly and I am happy
to now say I have fully recovered and have no pain whatsoever.

Thank you

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Dr Naeem Rashid

I have sought help from various members of the team over a number of years, to treat specific sports injuries and problems caused by poor posture (sitting at my desk or in the car). I’ve always got fast relief and excellent advice. The team are friendly, professional and skilled physiotherapists. I recommend them regularly and have them on speed dial!

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My needs were specific and clear. I wanted to know what was going wrong with my knee and what, if anything< I could do to prevent further deterioration to a point where it became a real problem in my very active lifestyle. Gareth was great. He told me exactly what was wrong ( Patellafemoral joint degeneration ), gave me some exercises to do, advised taking a joint supplement and getting my orthotics updated, and also to avoid spending long periods of time with my leg bent. ( He also told me a couple of things that we could move on to should the need arise ). I've started doing the exercises daily, am now taking a joint supplement, have booked an appointment with the podiatrist to update my orthotics and am taking care to keep my leg straight as much as possible. I now feel quite upbeat about the issue rather than fearful, and just wanted to convey my thanks to Gareth and the practice for giving me hope.

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I was very satisfied with my recent physio sessions at Saddleworth Physiotherapy Clinic. Lauren took time to carry out a full assesment and gave a detailed explanation of the issue. She also provided me with a personal exercise program. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend the clinic to others needing physiotherapy treatment.

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I have been using Saddleworth Physiotherapy Clinic and being treated by Gareth for my shoulder and back pain.
I would like to praise him for my pain free recovery.
He has given me knowledge of how to look after myself to prevent further injury.
Gareth is as valuable to me as my doctor as he takes away the stresses and pain.

My partner has also been treated for his neck pain and was very sceptical regards alternative treatments but his faith has now been restored due to Gareth’s physio treatment.

Two very happy clients and would highly recommended this practice.

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“I have recently received treatment at Saddleworth Physio from Stuart and I can highly recommend their services.

I have osteo arthiritis in my ankle and following an arthoroscopy (surgery) undertook a rehabilitation programme of exercises and treatment.
Although I am still in pain it is nothing to do with the service I received at Saddleworth Physio, it is all to do with my diagnosis and the extent of the arthiritis.

Stuart was always professional and helpful and also informative about my treatment and I felt very confident in his abilities. He helped me to resume my normal
every day living with confidence.

I would definitely recommend anyone considering attending Saddleworth Physio to book an appointment.”

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Allison – Saddleworth

To book an appointment, or for further information on any of the conditions we treat, or the services on offer, please call the clinic on 01457 871777 or email physio@zen.co.uk.